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Created in the image of VivienneRuth, this special edition, ultra-realistic silicone sex toy is made to order and designed to produce an experience that feels just like the real thing.

Handcrafted in the UK and modeled from top quality bio-safe, skin-friendly silicone for a super-soft feel and silky smooth, tear-resistant skin – the highly realistic interior texture of this replica features numerous bumpy inner nodes and ridges for mind-blowing stimulation and exquisite pleasure. The flesh-like material clings during use, produces incredible suction, and can be squeezed to vary the grip.

This toy can be used in the bath or shower and can be heated using warm water. See Use, Care & Maintenance for further details, always check the interior temperature before use and always use plenty of lubricant for the best experience possible. The toy comes with a drawstring bag for hygienic and discreet storage and several sachets of quality lubricant, so it’s ready to use when it arrives. Lube reordering is easy, just scan the QR code on the reverse side of the Use, Care & Maintenance card included with your purchase.

Billing is discreet and appears on your statement as a payment to PS Orders and products are shipped in plain packaging to ensure your privacy.

Availability: USA (Mainland) or UK (Mainland). Standard 4-8 day or Express 2-3 day shipping options are available at the checkout below.

Standard 4-8 days and Express 2-3 days shipping options available at the checkout.

You will be emailed tracking details when your order ships.

Our couriers require a mobile phone number and email address from you in case there are any issues or delays with your package. The couriers are not informed as to the contents of the package and the product ships in a plain unbranded brown box for discretion.

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During the processing of your order, email notifications will be sent to you using the email address provided for the purposes of informing you of your order status and providing you with tracking details when your order ships. Communications are discreet and feature neutral subject titles and careful wording for privacy purposes.

Billing is similarly discreet and will appear as a payment to PS Orders.

The product arrives in plain packaging and shipping labels are plain and make no reference to the contents. The box contains the sex toy packed in a drawstring bag for discreet storage.

Always use lubricant when using this product

Failure to do so will damage your toy and may be uncomfortable for you. This toy is compatible with water-based lubes and 5 large 10ml sachets are provided with your purchase so that it’s ready to use as soon as it arrives. Lube reordering is quick and easy. Scan the QR code on the reverse of the Use, Care & Maintenance card. This can be found and stored in the drawstring pouch provided for your lube sachets.


Clean the toy immediately after use. It can be washed in a sink in a couple of minutes. Air dry or use a microfiber cloth to remove excess water after cleaning. Make sure the toy is completely dry before storing it to prevent any bacterial or mold growth inside it. Store in the drawstring bag provided to avoid dust or dirt sticking to the surface of the toy. With proper maintenance, it will prove durable and long-lasting.

Cleaning Instructions

  • At a sink, squirt some liquid antibacterial soap into the opening of the toy and fill the cavity with warm but not boiling water.
  • Plug the opening with your thumb or finger and shake the toy to clean the inside.
  • Fill and drain the toy several times with warm water to rinse the inside thoroughly of any soap residues. After rising several times, make sure the toy is fully drained of water.

Never turn the toy inside out in order to clean the cavity as this will tear the skin, especially around the opening. Wipes can also be used to clean the outside of the toy.

Fixes and Repairs

This product is made from a high-quality skin-safe grade silicone. Any materials used for fixes and repairs should be similarly skin-friendly for your safety. Do not use super glue to repair tears to the silicone. Certain superglues will bond the silicone but they cure into a hard mass with sharp edges which would ruin your toy and potentially lead to injuries if the toy was used. Widely available cheap silicone glues or silicone caulking are generally not skin-safe formulations and don’t bond with our silicone products.

We can advise as to suitable specialty products for small repairs, including a skin-safe silicone glue that is soft and flexible when it cures to blend perfectly with your toy. Prompt repairs using the appropriate products can greatly extend the life of your purchase. Get in touch with us at for further details.

Please note that due to a variety of monitor settings and the effects of lighting, the colour of the toy, as seen on your monitor, may seem to slightly vary from that of the actual toy.

Your product will arrive sealed in a clear plastic hygiene bag. Due to the nature of the product and the associated health and safety considerations, we are unable to offer a refund on any product once this hygiene bag has been opened, therefore please double-check your purchase before opening.

For more information, see our Refunds & Returns and/or Assistance pages in the footer.